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little is known about how the totality of its effects are produced, 2c-b-fly’s psychedelic effects are believed to come from its efficacy at the 5-ht2a receptor as a partial agonist.

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Common names2C-B-FLY
Substitutive name8-bromo-2,3,6,7-benzo-dihydro-difuran-ethylamine
Systematic name2-(4-bromo-2,3,6,7-tetrahydrofuro[2,3-f][1]benzofuran-8-yl)ethanamine
Psychoactive classPsychedelic
Chemical classBenzodihydrodifuran,Phenethylamine

2c-b-fly is a lesser-known novel psychedelic substance of the phenethylamine and benzodihydrodifuran classes that produces an array of psychedelic and entactogenic effects when administered. reports have characterized its effects profile as possessing features of 2c-b, mescaline and mda, with a duration of 6–8 hours (or up to 12 hours in larger doses).

2c-b-fly is a derivative of the 2c-x family of psychedelic phenethylamines, specifically 2c-b, of which it significantly differs from in terms of its potency, metabolism, and potential toxicity. it was first synthesized by aaron p. monte in 1996.

around 2005, 2c-b-fly appeared and gained some popularity in the online research chemicals market before largely disappearing in october 2009, when a batch of bromo-dragonfly was accidentally mislabeled as 2c-b-fly (bromo-dragonfly is dosed in micrograms, where 2c-b-fly is dosed in milligrams) led to two deaths as a result of taking overdoses of bromo-dragonfly meant to be effective doses for 2c-b-fly. this event led to its immediate withdrawal until around 2016, when it resurfaced on the market again.

very little data exists about the pharmacological properties, metabolism, and toxicity of 2c-b-fly, and it has little history of human usage. it has no documented history of being sold on the streets and is commercially distributed through online research chemical vendors.

due to its high potency and sensitive dose-response, many reports also indicate that the effects of this substance should not be seen as a simple substitute for 2c-b. it is highly advised to approach this potent, long-lasting, and unpredictable hallucinogenic substance with the proper amount of precaution and harm reduction practices if choosing to use it.

history and culture

in a 2007 maps newsletter interview, ann shulgin revealed that 2c-b-fly as one of her favorite psychedelic substances while also acknowledging the high variability in responses it seemed to display.


2c-b-fly is a substituted molecule of the phenethylamine and dihydrobenzofuran chemical classes. 2c-b-fly features a phenyl ring bound to an amino (nh2) group through an ethyl chain and contains a bromine atom attached to carbon r4 of the phenyl ring.

it is an atypical psychedelic phenethylamine which is closely analogous to 2c-b; it is the dihydrofuran analog to 2c-b, where it incorporates the methoxy groups bound to r2 and r5 of 2c-b into five-member dihydrofuran rings fused to the central benzene ring.

2c-b-fly belongs to a group of phenethylamine derivatives referred to as the fly compounds, named for their insect-like appearance of two “wing-like” tetrahydrofuran rings fused on the opposite sides of the central benzene ring. the incorporation of the two methoxy groups into the 5 member rings fixes them into the optimum position for binding to the receptors they interact with resulting in an increase in potency compared to the compound’s non-rigid counterpart 2c-b.


little is known about how the totality of its effects are produced, 2c-b-fly’s psychedelic effects are believed to come from its efficacy at the 5-ht2a receptor as a partial agonist.

however, the role of these interactions and how they result in the psychedelic experience remains subject to on-going scientific investigation.


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Common names


Substitutive name


Systematic name


Psychoactive class


Chemical class

Benzodihydrodifuran, Phenethylamine

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